Odroid XU4, low USB 3.0 speed

Greetings all. I have came to Dietpi from stock linux image (from Odroid’s developers). On their image after few tunes, i got write speed to external USB 3.0 HDD 30-50 MB/s

At Dietpi i have in tests not higher then 20 MB/s
Also when i copy files via Samba i have only 11 MB/s…

I tryed to check all governors modes from dietpi-config. But it didn’t helps me.
How i can improve or boost write/read spead via Samba?

Thxx! :mrgreen:


< 40MB/s network transfer is expected on XU4 3.x kernel. You can upgrade to 4.9 kernel, which improves this (and possibly USB3.0 transfer rates), please see here for the info:

Make sure you backup your system 1st:


As i’ve not had a chance to test the upgrade myself yet, if you get into any issues, please post on git ticket and i’ll assist.