Odroid XU4 Kernel update 4.9.51+ to 4.9.57+ emby broke

Yesterday after updating the kernel on my odroid xu4 from 4.9.51+ to 4.9.57+ my emby-server doesn’t start anymore.

Error I will post later.

How can I revert back to kernel 4.9.51+ ?

Unfortunately I’ve autoremove the 4.9.51+

A manual try to install with apt-get install linux-image-4.9-armhf-odroid-xu3=4.9.51-1 failed with not found. :question:

Please close, I’ve reverted sucsessfully to 51 but problem remains. Think must be a problem with my emby installation.

EDIT: Found the problem. Userdatabase of emby was broken. After restore, everything is working.

How did you update the kernel and any advantages to doing this?