Odroid XU4 - DietPi Image not flashing correctly

Is anybody else experiencing issues with flashing Bullseye DietPi image for Odroid XU4?

I am downloading the latest version advertised on the site, uncompressing using winrar and flashing using BalenaEtcher. It shows as successfully flashed but it is not booting up. (I also tried with rufus)

I tried two eMMC modules and the result is the same. Is anyone else experiencing the same on a Odroid XU4?


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same happens like me before , you can do this first to recovery then flash the dietpi image to emmc . i spent lots of time to get this work for my xu4 .

followe the Recoverying with Recovery image section


Thank you guys, that did the trick:

  1. Download Recovery Image file.

  2. Prepare a microSD card and flash the downloaded image. flashing → refer this link

  3. Connect both the eMMC and MicroSD to XU3/XU4

  4. Set the dip-switches or slide-switch on XU3/XU4 to “SD boot mode”. If you have XU3, refer this link

  5. Connect Power and watch the LED status

  6. The blue and red LEDs are solid on. This may take 40seconds ~ 3minutes. After recovery process, blue LED will be flashing like a heartbeat. And remove the power supply.

  7. Set the dip-switchs or slide-switch back to eMMC boot mode.

  8. Remove the microSD card.

  9. Proceed with normal power up with your peripherals attached.

  10. After checking the Android on eMMC, you can install other Linux OS images on the eMMC later.

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can you boot dietpi now with eMMC ?

Grats i told you this should works , because i had the same issues before and i already reported this to MichaIng the Blueseye image having boot up problem for XU4 but he does not know how to help me because he said he tested many times already without problem and i almost giving up then i found this recovery bootloader page i give it a try , wow it works after i doing this .

Seriously if you using official orange pcb emmc try this white pcb emmc to avoid any boot issues .