Odroid XU4 Cloudshell 2 not working

Hi there,

Iam trying to activate the fan on my new cloudshell 2. But it doesn`t work.
I followed this tutorial: https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/add-on_boards/xu4_cloudshell2/xu4_cloudshell2

The fan works perfectly with openmediavault but I want to use dietpi.

Seems that its using i2c, already tried to activate it in the /DietPi/config.txt with


but no success… :neutral_face:

Any ideas to get it working?

And another question, how can I use the LCD screen from the tutorial? It`s showing up for a short time but then the dietpi information is shown up and the other information will never come back. (not the dietpi-cloudshell)

Thanks so far.

Which kernel do you use? The fan doesn’t work on the 3.x kernel, only on 4.x

/DietPi/config.txt is ONLY for RPi (Rasbian) based devices.

I read at the beginning:

The LCD and Fan tutorial tested on Ubuntu 16.04.


server keyserver.ubuntu.com

DietPi images are based on Debian/Rasbian/ARMbian

Odroid XU4 are based on this Debian image: Debian 8 Jessie maintained by meveric

DietPi for Odroid XU3/4