Odroid U3 Bullseye Image


Minimal DietPi OS created with Dietpi-Installer great script (Supported hardware - DietPi.com Docs) to other devices than supported based on Debian Bullseye stable system. Created from Debian XFCE Bullseye Odroid U3 with Kernel: 5.18.1 from here: imagebuilder/systems/odroid_u3 at main · hexdump0815/imagebuilder · GitHub after a few cosmetic changes. From the Xfce/Debian system, the user “linux” was left with the password: changeme. It’s useless. It has to be deleted immediately for security after installation with the command: sudo userdel linux. During the installation you have to log in with your standard account: dietpi, and then command: sudo -s. Otherwise the installation process will not be completed. This is image file of first boot DietPi after installer script.


always good to setup a 2nd user that has sudo capability after the fact as well

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I think it’s cool too, because this machine, even though it’s already relatively old and unsupported, still works good on DietPi and runs smoothly on it for me after some time. And there is generally a problem finding a supported system for this device. The minimum SD card requirements for installation are: 2 GB