Odroid N2+

Is the Odroid N2 image compatible with the new N2+? I’ve installed DietPi on about 10 SBC from Raspberry to Pine64 to NanoPi and have never had any issue with the installs. Best I can tell, the N2+ continually tries to perform a DietPi-Update on SSH login and the update always fails. There were a few DietPi error windows that came up and I selected to send the into to DietPi.


Many thanks for your request. There was already a user who got it running. The board themselves is not yet officially supported


From what I know it should work fine, but with N2 (non-plus) CPU frequency and lacking the hardware features that differ from N2. dietpi-update errors should not happen, if so, please paste the error log here or at best open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues