Odroid N2 support

Odroid N2 is finally released, will it be supported by DietPi?

Jep definitely planned: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/2623

Developer sample already there, we are waiting for a good pre-image.


I would like to ask if Odroid’s Wifi module 0 sold by 4.80usd works well in dietpi?
Has anyone tryed it out yet?

If not this one, which wifi module would you recomend that works well with dietpi?


You might check or ask here: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=179&t=33865
This is the base image that we turn into DietPi, so same kernel and core configuration. If you find someone there that can confirm it, then it works on DietPi as well.

Buf aside that, actually WiFi works generally reliable with all adapters on all devices. The only thing where some adapters are not supported is to use as WiFi Hotspot (hostapd).

Hi to the amazing team supporting Dietpi,
Is it possible to update dietpi’s image for Odroid N2 to the latest Kernel released by Odroid.

The older ones seems to have problems with USB HDD - and its abit getting on my nerves when I get random disconnection

Thanks so much

A simply apt update && apt full-upgrade should do.
The image comes with linux-image-arm64-odroid-n2 installed from Meverics APT repo that contains kernel and firmware for Odroids. Since this is a meta package that depends on the actual current kernel package (currently linux-image-4.9.185+), apt upgrade will not upgrade it, but full-upgrade is required to allow changing the dependency.

That is also possible via: dietpi-config > Advanced Options > Update firmware

Thanks so much MichaIng ,
Am a noob - but really appreciate your reply
I managed to update the kernel via the dietpi-configure - advance setting.

Another silly question - does that the apt full upgrade - update the perl version as well?
Is it advisable in the dietpi environment to separately update Perl?

Perl is added as APT packages as well, so apt update && apt upgrade includes perl being updated to the newest version in the repository.