Odroid N2 failing to run stable

I have been trying to get dietpi to run on my two odroid N2 4Gb ram. But on every clean install reboots, kernel panics and SD card crc errors happen.
This happens on buster and on bullseye images.

I tried different SD cards and also a emmc module.
Also moved roots to ssd. I swaped power adapters, each time without any success.

It seems like this happend many times during the installation of docker-compose when pynacl was build.

Other than that I have no clues.

Maybe someone had similar issues and could give some advice.

Best regards

Many thanks for your report. Can you paste the kernel errors, at best the surrounding section in journalctl so we can see other possible system logs.

I’ll see what I can do. Because after such a kernel panic most of the time I was not able to boot anymore.
Something got corrupt and during boot up I got a ton of some kind of crc erroro

[ 1653.212244@0] meson-mmc: sd: warning... data crc,

This leads most of the times to unsuccessful boot.

That’s the only thing I can provide for now as no logs are preserved after the crash

If you can give me a hint on how to preserve logs I’ll be glad to provide them. For now even setting logging from Ram-Log to Full-Log gives no logs after the crash.

If with full logging enabled /var/log/syslog does not contain anything related to the crash, then the system did not or was not able to log anything :frowning:.

The kernel did not change for a while, and you say you face the same on the old Buster image, so it must be triggered by something specific to your system/setup (not ruling out that it could be solved kernel wise as well).

Do you have any USB devices or other peripherals attached, aside of the screen? It seems to be triggered by high system loads (PyNaCl build), so a power/voltage issue is what we may look for. I remember that the N2 (with official Hardkernel kernel) generally has issues with USB, so probably it does not handle power draw from USB devices properly which leads to an undervolted/unstable remaining system in case of peaks.

I was able to recover some logs during

syslog - https://0bin.net/paste/+lcG6+Iv#iTP7AqTRt-L/g89POL6wYnZM4aDog90NcC02cDokE2K

This time I had tested with only a logitech wireless keyboard dongle attached to usb. Still failing.

I tried armbian and there I get no issues. I could probably be the kernel. But I wasn’t able to create a dietpi image out of armbian.

Since it says that it failed to mount the SD card, couldn’t it be that there is an HW issue with the SD card reader?

paradix You mentioned that you also used an eMMC. Was the error similar?

The last logs look like Cron and Docker were stopped gracefully, no errors or so :thinking:.

I’ll get an Odroid N2 the next days, will test the Armbian kernel and in case update our image to use it. There are other reasons to migrate to a newer Linux version anyway.

Sorry for the late answer.
The issue was the same when I was using an emmc module.
Since my last post I’m running it on armbian on the same SD card and so far no issues.

Could you please post a message here after you updated the image. I would really love to run all my SBCs on dietpi :wink:

Topic bookmarked :slight_smile:. Odroid N2 (N2+ 4 GiB) arrived yesterday, started testing yesterday, will continue today with media/GUI and overclocking. When all done with the old image, I’ll repeat with one based on Armbian kernel, so we can compare results: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/5039

New image based on mainline kernel is available since a while. Based on my testing it works more stable indeed, i.e. while the old one crashes on heavy load with highest CPU frequencies applies, the new one runs rock solid with those frequencies. Also kernel errors are less. Sadly old systems cannot be upgraded, hence the new image needs to be flashed freshly.