Odroid N2 dietpi 7.5 crashing

My odroid N2 running 7.5 crashes after a certain amount of time and I don’t know why. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can follow to find the cause?

  • It also did this on 7.4 so software is probably not the issue*

Software installed: sonar, radar, nzbget, Plex server

PSU: 12 v 3a
Temp: I haven’t seen it get higher than ~42C. Not using a fan.

The Odroid is connected to an externally powered USB HDD.


do you have a backup that could be used to restore your system? Usually DietPi scripts should not be able to crash your system. Most probably some updated apt packages could cause this (like a kernel update)

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have a back up but the odroid always works after I power cycle it. The odroid is connected to a network switch as is a raspberry pi. The weird thing is, the pi, running osmc always stays connected but the odroid still disconnects after a day. It almost feels like there is a sleep mode or something that breaks the connection. Are there any steps to troubleshoot these disconnects?

Temp seems to be fine,
It’s getting 12 volt 4 a power.

Do you have a chance to connect a monitor and keyboard to check whether the Odroid has really crashed or only the network connection breaks, e.g. due to some power savings mode of the network adapter? Is it WiFi or Ethernet?

It’s Ethernet, connected through a network switch. I’ve tried connecting with a keyboard and monitor but I get no response via ssh. Additionally the dietpi IP address doesn’t show up on an ip scan. It seems like it hung up on something.

if you are connected locally via keyboard / monitor, you should be able to connect directly on the console. There shouldn’t be a need for SSH in this case. If you are connected a screen, does it show anything?

It there is indeed no output on an attached monitor and no reaction when attaching a keyboard and hitting some keys, then you can debug it by enabling persistent system logs:

# Uninstall RAM log
dietpi-software uninstall 103
# reboot to have it taking effect
# then make journal persistent
mkdir /var/log/journal
systemctl restart systemd-journald

Then, after a crash, you can check the logs from before/around the crash via: journalctl

Thank you! I’ll try it out.