Odroid N2+ and Kodi - slow interface


has anyone combo of Odroid N2+ and Kodi? I have problem with slow interface and even playing of anything is lagging, as if the interface of Kodi is slowing the whole thing.

Am I missing some drivers?

Did you install Kodi via dietpi-software?

Yes, I did.

I also have the same running on Raspberry Pi 4 without problems, so I think its combination of N2+ and DietPi.

I used to have CoreELEC installed on that same N2+ and it was working without problems as well.

How do you start Kodi?

Please try to start it from console (outside of an desktop session) via kodi --standalone.

It’s on autostart via dietpi-autostart. I don’t use desktop environment.

Exited the Kodi and tried your command, no difference.

When I exited Kodi I saw this error written under the DietPi Banner:

TypeError: "'NoneType' object is not callable" in <bound method DemoOverlay._del_ of <demo.DemoOverlay instance at 0x7f51a4b488>> ignored

GPU acceleration doesn’t seem to work as expected. I’ll verify that all drivers/libraries are installed and otherwise check back with Meveric, who provides the compiled packages.

Reviving this - has there been some resolution?

With our new N2(+) image with mainline kernel this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Are you using the old one with Hardkernel’s Linux 4.9?

uname -a

Hi, thanks. I don’t have this board, just exploring options now

Hi Everybody!

I’ve installed kodi on N2+ and still get slow interface and playback.
Console prints error ‘vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)’
Do I have to install some additional drivers?