Odroid Mag interview with DietPi creator

Hi all,

Just wanted to link it here: http://magazine.odroid.com/wp-content/uploads/ODROID-Magazine-201612.pdf#page=41
Worth noting my picture was taken over 8 years ago :wink: lol

EDIT: Fast mirror: http://dietpi.com/downloads/misc/odroid_magazine/ODROID-Magazine-201612.pdf#page=41

That was a fun read! I hope they really do take your feedback on implementing USB 3.0 to the C2 series. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Fourdee,

great article, nice pictures and thanks for sharing.
Love it.


In Jack’s picture, those are the Haribo’s you sent a while back :smiley:. Took me a while to get the bag off him lol