Odroid C4 and Cloudshell

last weekend took the plunge and ‘promoted’ my Odroid C4 woth DietPi to production: Love it :slight_smile:
Now i am doing the final touches: I noticed that I have a process running that takes a lot of CPU time > DietPi Cloudshell

I think this is installed and enabled because the C4 shares an image with the HC4 (which does have a lcd).

What is the best way to turn this off / uninstall / mask / deactivate / ???

can you try to run dietpi-cloudshell and select stop. Does it change anything?

that is what I did. it now shows as ‘inactive’.
But will that also stop it from being restarted on (re) boot?

usually, it should. As well you can check dietpi-autostart. Check what has been selected.

It was set to do a manual login.
I just restarted my server and can confirm that it is still inactive, which is what I want :slight_smile: Thanks @Joulinar