Odroid C2 with Hifi Shield 2 behavior under DietPi ?

Hi there,

I looking at the Odroid C2 to make myself a dedicated video files player running a lightweight Kodi dedicated linux OS.
My requirements for this is HEVC 1080p hardware processing (4k compatibility is a plus) with digital multichannel (Dolby D, DTS mainly) pass-through output for my A/V receiver which is quite old and does not have HDMI input. And Kodi should be launch and displayed at boot, being controlled by a remote controller only (like MINIX NEO A2 lite or similar).

The Odroid C2 will handle the hardware video processing and the HiFi shields from hardkernel seems to be perfect for the sound (192kHz/24bit resolution via S-PDIF). BUT it is not, it seems from my readings, yet compatible with Libreelec or Openelec. So I have looked around to find a solution and I’ve found that DietPi along with a script would work (and DietPi can be booted directly on Kodi apparently).

Could someone confirm me that C2+Hifi shield 2 running on DietPi would work as I’m expecting it to (>2.0 pass-through via S-PDIF and stereo downmix through RCA plugs) ?

I’ve asked on the forum of the odroid.com forum’s too (http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=25236).

Many thanks!


I can confirm the following works flawlessly on our image:
I have this running upstairs as my media centre

  • Odroid C2
  • Kodi
  • HiFi Shield Plus

I did experience issues with the HiFi shield 2, i believe due to the way the card is activated during boot. Sometimes the sound would output to HDMI when running Kodi as autoboot option. I’ve created a ticket for this and i’ll see if we can get this resolved:

Will keep you updated.

Hi Fourdee,

Thanks for your answer. That’s good news, I was going kind of desperate to find my perfect toy.

Considering that the Hifi Shield plus is hard to find where i am (France) I would have to order it form Hardkernel and the customs often comes with Fedex, UPS or EMS… But the 3.5mm jack plug would be handy.

I will think on that and follow your Github to see what’s what.
Out of curiosity, does the issue you have with the Hifi 2 look solvable or might not ?

Thank you again,

And to give some details on the odroid.com forum, does the Hifi Shield 2 behave as expected if Kodi is launched manually ?


Going to run some tests now :slight_smile: will let you know if we can resolve this.

Ok found the issue, nothing to do with init service.

We have a feature in DietPi-JustBoom that allows you to enable a global AlsaEQ output through soundcard. Great for reducing 31hz band when using headphones.

When AlsaEQ is enabled in dietpi-justboom, delays Kodi starting, then outputs to HDMI. This occurs with all HiFi Shield soundcards and only Kodi.

So in other words, as long as you dont plan to use AlsaEQ in dietpi-justboom on your setup at the moment. Either HiFi Shield 1 / + / 2 will work fine:

That was quick !
Well that’s very good news to me.

Thank you Fourdee !