ODROID C2 - Overclocking CPU Frequency


I’m new on the dietpi community but I already love this build.
I’m running an odroid C2 with dietpi as mediacenter (Kodi, transmission, samba) and the performance is ok.

Now, i’m looking to have a small extra power as the odroid is capable of, and In the past on my raspbian I was able to selecth the CPU setting direclty on the paramter.

On dietpi, the CPU frequency is not accessible on the dietpi-config and I tried to found it on the boot.ini, or /Dietpi/dietpi.txt (didn’t found any config.txt) but i didn fund it.

Is someone able to tell me where i can found the CPU parameters ? With my cooled case, I woul like to jump from 1.536Ghz to 1.752Ghz or 2.016Ghz.

Thanks for your help.

HI buddy, which version you are preferring as of now?

Hi, the only one i tried v6.25.3 :smiley:

Hey guys,
indeed currently we do not offer overclocking for Odroids with our scripts/programs. However it should be possible by adjusting the boot.ini cmdline.

Our image is based on Meverics work, thus his kernel/bootloader/firmware development/implementations. You might want to check the related thread or ask there, if/how overclocking is possible on this Debian image: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=27449
If we find some way, I would be happy to implement it into dietpi-config.

Hi MichaIng,

Thanks for your reply.
I will post on the Debian side, and if we found a working way, i will forward everything to you if you want or not to add it in DietPi.