Odroid C2 - Launching chromium/KODI in LXDE not working

Hi all,

I installed the ‘dietpi_v6.13__OdroidC2-ARMv8-Stretch’ image together with LXDE, Chromium and KODI (via dietpi-software). When starting LXDE (using ‘startx’) and trying to launch Chromium or KODI if fails and this error message appears:

FbdevMaliDRI2_Init: drmopen failed!
Xorg: …/…/…/include/privates.h:122: dixGetPrivateAddr: Assertion 'key->initiliazed failed.
xinit: connection to x server lost

When I do a remote login to the odroid via ssh and type ‘startx’ it launches LXDE on the odroid and then there are now problems in launching those applications.

Anyone an idea? Thanks for the help!