ODROID C2 - Kodi black screen

I recently got fresh C2. And im very disapointed at start - ther’s a problem with movie rendering in kodi
It renders Sound but Screen is black.
When i turn off hw acceleration (amcodec), it works… but without hw acc = lags. Need HW acceleration

Is the driver bugged or what ?
is it a bug , is there any fix for it ?

Please help :frowning:

thanks in advance

meveric fixed Kodi 17 HW decoding in Stretch. There was some bug causing this.

I can’t update kodi from dietpi apt-get update,upgrade
Fourdee do You use your preconfigured Kodi software ? not from meveric repo ?
Can you implement this patch also ?

link for the topic :


Oh great Meveric finally managed to fix it. Thanks for this info.


I’m face to the same problem.
is it fixed by an apt-get update/upgrade ?

in fact, I got black screen (the audio is ok) with mkv files. I tried to desactivate the HW accelaration, the video (mkv files) works but with huge lag.

I’ve red that kodi v17 doesn’t not support h.265 files…

Help ! :slight_smile:

Did you try H.264 files? Since H.265 is quite new and Kodi version on Stretch is not the most current one (17.3 or something), it is possible that it is simply not yet supported. But needs check, I am not sure currently, since I do not use multimedia on my DietPi system(s) :wink:.

Kodi v18 is not yet released (in RC), however it is possible to install it on RPi via custom repo: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2371
Perhaps something similar is possible on Odroids or even Meveric offers an unstable/testing version of Kodi 18 in his repos. Manually building it from source of course is another option, although more tinkering required.

I don’t want to discourage you from using DeitPi but LibreELEC runs very well on the C2 and Kodi under LibreELEC plays anything including h265 (only tested in my case to 1080) but the specs say it can play h265 4K.

The C2 is a great device I have one running LibreELEC and the other DietPi - best of both worlds.


Which version of LibreELEC do you use? The new Leia Beta (Kodi v18) or a v17 Kodi version?

Since LibreELEC is a pure Kodi OS, they might customize Kodi quite much, but it would mean that generally one should be able to compile older versions with H.265 support as well. Couldn’t find something on Meverics image thread. I mean he just managed to get Kodi running on C2 with Stretch image, since there was an external bug about it, so I guess we have to be patient about new features: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=27449
Perhaps it’s also possible to somehow add H.265 support post compile time.

I will open an issue about that on GitHub, guess this is relevant for all our images/devices: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2379
H.265 demand is growing fast now. I am still angry about Windows not allowing to install native H.265 support without a Microsoft account and/or at least Windows Store, which I purged :frowning: :roll_eyes:

I’m on LibreELEC v17, very stable - you’re no doubt aware h265 is decoded in hardware on the C2?


Not 100% sure. But if according to specs, C2 is able to play H.265 with 4k, I am pretty sure it is hardware decoded.
But I am not sure how Kodi is accessing this, if some driver is required, if this is used automatically by Kodi, if available, of if it needs to be compiled with driver/lib or to use one installed on base system. If someone knows more about this, and how we can enable H.265 support in general and, if available, hardware acceleration for it, we will be happy to implement it as default into Kodi install script, respectively any other Media player install script.