Odroid C2 - Idle temperature w/Kodi

Hi everyone!

My C2 idle cpu temperature seems high to me: around 75-80C.
The only running program is Kodi, which I can see uses quite some CPU even though it is Idle (no video is playing).
As soon as I quit Kodi, CPU usage & temperature drop to expected figures.

Is this a “normal” behaviour or should I start investigating why?

Wow, ok, so I just disabled the RSS feed in Kodi (Appearance → Skin → Show Rss news feeds) and the cpu went down from constant 60% to pretty much nothing.
Temp went from 81C to 60C in 2 minutes. Hopefully still going down…

I would recommend everyone to disable this and if possible disable it in the dietpi image already.


Hi Mez,

Thanks for the report.

I’ve not noticed this on my C2 Kodi setup, mine stays idle around 50’c. But either way, disabling RSS feeds is a good idea, they can get “annoying”. I’ll see if we can disable it by default.

Thx Fourdee, but now I noticed overnight that CPU was again at 81C.
It seems that if Kodi is left idle inside the TV Shows menu (maybe other menus) the CPU keeps going.
If I leave Kodi idle on the main menu (without RSS), then it is fine (50/51C).

I figured out that the temperature issue was mainly due to the skin I was using (Mimic).
I changed to another skin and now my CPU is around 50C at idle.

Interesting, i’ll be sure to never use that skin lol :slight_smile:. Thanks for letting us know.