Odroid C2 - How to find out thermal throttling occurred

I am using Odroid C2 and it is enclosed by a cheap plastic. How do I find out whether thermal throttling occurred? I type ‘cpu’ and it shows ‘Throttle up | 50% CPU usage’ for example. What does it mean?

The 50% means that the CPU is clocked up when running over 50% usage for some milliseconds, when CPU governor is “ondemand” or “conservative”. When it runs under 50% again for the same time times the throttle down factor, it will clock down again. You can check current clocks via “cpu” command. When in idle, most cores should be not at maximum, but the script itself could lead the the one or the other being at max clock :wink:.


When the device is under load, use the cpu command. If the clock speeds are lower than max, then its being throttled. Most likley 80’c+ this occurs.