Odroid C2 | handle Kodi, VNC, Medusa, qBitorrent, Samba ?


I’m currently own a C2 with 16Gb eMMC card running Kodi with Samba (1TB HDD for storage, through USB) and have a separate PC handling downloads through Medusa (SickRage branch). I’m looking for a solution that allows me to remove the PC from the setup, letting the C2 handle everything, lower wattage consumption and remove clutter.

A friend mentioned DietPi, but he lacked the C2 knowledge and he doesn’t use any show manager, other than Trakt.

Does DietPi support Medusa? If it does, my question is, can it handle Kodi, VNC, Medusa, qBitorrent/Transmission and Samba without losing video playing performance? Also, use nothing but a remote with QWERTY Airmouse after setup? Or am I reaching too far?


Can’t answer all these questions but Medusa works if you install it on your own using the guide they publish in their wiki, and IMHO it is way ahead of SickRage.

I run Kodi on a C2 using LibreElec (sorry Fourdee) and it uses very little resources thanks to the C2’s hardware video decoding. I think it would do all you want - why not try it and let us know?

I run a C2 (sd card) on DietPi with Kodi, Sickrage, Transmission, samba with a 3tb drive attached and everything runs really well. Perfect setup for me, just waiting for the strech upgrade.

Is there a way to emulate it on a Windows or Linux PC? I mainly use Xenial/Sonya but I can’t seem to emulate this (or any C2) software. I’d like to emulate so I could test it before flashing it, so I can make all the mistakes necessary to get it working perfectly.

Sadly there is no real ARM emulation
. I found qemu for Windows but totally failed to emulate a RPi2 there, was a huge time waste.
You can check out the DietPi VMware or VirtualBox image, but of course it behaves different than the Odroid.
I would recommend to do a full sd card image backup to your desktop (if currently have a running Odroid system) and then just try it out.

not sure about Medusa but my C2 is running TVheadend, transmission, samba, jackett, flexget

i dont use VNC as i prefer CLI

TVheadend, transmission and jackett all have webgui running, i run librelec on another C2 as i prefer having a different device for video playback

all is running fine