Odroid C2 and RPI 3B+ as Roonbridge..popping noise

Thanks for the nice and easy OS.
Recently I installed DietPi v6.9 on Odroid C2 and RPI 3B+ and tested roonbridge and gmediarender. Some popping noise was heard quite regularly whenever I played music. Roonbridge and DLNA both showed same symptom. It seemed high-res file made more noise.
I connected my DACs one by one through USB and tested. My DACs have XMOS and exD DDC for each and they showed same results.
But, RPI 3B showed no such problems.
I want to have the solution.
Thanks in advance.

For RPI 3B+ I found this solution, but it seems to be temporary because I need to excute that commmand every time I reboot the device.

It would be helpful if setting at dietpi-config is possible.

sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full


For Odroid C2, running roonbridge over ubuntu 18.04 is successful (without any noise).

Download image of ubuntu 18.04
Official US West Coast: http://odroid.in/ubuntu_16.04lts
Official US East Coast: http://east.us.odroid.in/ubuntu_16.04lts (Thanks to David Beauchamp @ ArchLinuxARM)
Official EU Germany: http://de.eu.odroid.in/ubuntu_16.04lts
Official Korea Mirror: http://dn.odroid.com/S905/Ubuntu

After installing ubuntu,

$ curl -O http://download.roonlabs.com/builds/roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv8.sh
$ chmod +x roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv8.sh
$ sudo ./roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv8.sh

(which was from roonlab instruction)

I hope the ubdate of DietPi for Odroid C2 to be done.