Odroid C2 4k problems

Anyone get DietPi/Odroid C2 to work with 4k? I am having a problem where when I set it for 4k, the image appears in the upper left 1/4 of the screen. The TV sees it as 2160, but the system seems to only be sending out 1080. When I use ‘setenv m “2160p60hz”’ I get ‘No Signal’ on the TV. When i use ‘setenv m “2160p60hz420”’ I get a signal, but it’s only displayed on the upper quarter of the TV. I’ve been able to get this same setup to run 4k when I use Libre/Coreelec

#Modifcations to /boot/* files, will not be saved when powered on.
#Please ensure you edit from the DietPi-RamDisk location /DietPi/*

#setenv display_autodetect "true"
#Resolution + Refresh rate
#setenv m "2160p30hz"
#setenv m "2160p60hz"
setenv m "2160p60hz420"
setenv m_bpp "32"

# HDMI DVI/VGA modes
# Uncomment only a single Line! The line with setenv written.
# At least one mode must be selected. (no true ;) )
setenv vout_mode "hdmi"
# setenv vout "vga"

# HDMI HotPlug Detection control
# Allows you to force HDMI thinking that the cable is connected.
# true = HDMI will believe that cable is always connected
# false = will let board/monitor negotiate the connection status
#setenv hpd "true"
setenv hpd "false"

# Default Console Device Setting
setenv condev "console=tty0"

# Meson Ti