Odroid C1+ vs rPi2

I’m looking at upgrading a project from an early rPi B to either an Ordroid C1+ or rPi2.

Looking at the specs it seems that C1+ has the edge on rPi2. In particular having ethernet and USB on separate buses for the C1 is of interest to me.

Both would do the job, but if I’m going to go out and buy one, which one would be the lower risk device? Does either one work equally well with dietpi?

My thought that rPi2, being more popular, would have less bugs associated with it as more people would have found them and fixed them already. But that is just a theory.

Does anyone have any experience with both devices using dietpi?

Gordon Williams

Hi Gordon,

The C1, without a doubt is superior in performance. As you mentioned, the usb bus is separate from the ethernet and it makes a massive difference. With 1gbit ethernet and a quad core 1.5ghz cpu, it makes the RPIv2 feel like a snail.

Now the downsides with Odroid:

  • Make sure you get a Odroid C1+ (plus).
    The previous Odroid C1 (which I have) is plagued with poor SD card support. Users with Samsung SD cards reported issues (hangs, IO errors), and Odroid confirmed it. They claim this is fixed for the Odroid C1+.

- I’ve had nothing but issues with their official PSU’s.
My XU4 PSU was faulty on arrival and caused me days of issues. My C1 PSU lasted a few months before it too caused issues. Both caused me filesystem IO errors, crashes and system hangs. Replacing both the PSU’s with better quality resolved all issues.

- Community
There is no denying the Odroid community is small. So if you experience issues, dont expect a resolution will be available with a quick google search.

Regardless, I love the Odroid C1, its what the RPIv2 should of been. However, if you want quick resolutions and consistency, buy the RPi v2.

DietPi has an image for the C1 and should work for the C1+ (i dont own one so cant test it).

The available DietPi-software is slightly different to the RPi, heres the current list:https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/blob/master/dietpi/dietpi-software#L3984-L4027