Odroid C1 - Strech - Reboot Stalled

Hello all.
Have to say that i’m using Dietpi, for a bunch of years, since like 2015 if i’m not wrong.
My device the old but good Odroid C1, that had Jessie and after this weekend i did an install of strech version 6.22.

The issue is that every time i reboot it get stalled with blue led on fixed and no connection to nothing.
Power off, power on and voila.

I saw issues on odroid Ux4 about updates, and i did a new fresh install only did the updates and also the same thing.

using reboot or shutodwn -r now same result.
Best regards

Many thanks for your report.

Does shutdown now lead to the same issue or does it fully power off then?

Sounds like a hardware/kernel/firmware-wise issue otherwise. Which firmware packages/versions are installed currently?
dpkg -l | grep ‘odroidc1’

I had as said only installed the default images, Jessie and strech.
But as I won a odroid c2 a gave it a go using also Jessie and strech img and this baby reboots.
Going to turn on the C1, and check the commands you ask for.

Best regards