odroid C-2 hifi 2 sheild

the image fails to load the hi-fi 2 in the start up text…any ideas…???

is there a later image availible for the c-2…i have just downloaded the 100meg one from the diet pi home page

also can i get this to run skype…???


Did you use dietpi-config > Audio options > Soundcard to enable the HiFi Shield 2?

The C2 image on dietpi.com is the latest image.

If problems persist, please send us a bug report so we can investigate: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/send-dietpi-a-bug-report/421/1

i downloaded a new image and run the config setup …thanks have it running fine,all good…it`s very impressive…

Great to hear.
Yep, shes sounds phenomenal :smiley: