Octoprint fine.... it's in the repo, but what about klipper?


My plan is simple, I wish to run Octoprint on an Odroid C2 to control a 3D printer I have. I currently use a Raspberry Pi 3 for this purpose, but… well… I don’t like Raspberry Pi’s for some reason.

Now it is fairly simply to install “Klipper” in Octopi on a Raspberry Pi. Octopi is an OS and application all rolled into one for the Raspberry Pi

I don’t see any problem just using Dietpi and installing Octoprint, that’s already sorted out. However, I’m thinking I would like to expand to using Klipper (a project to offload all the nasty math needed make 3D printing work to the PI or in this case C2 which should have plenty of CPU cycles to dedicate to the job). Only detailed instructions are passed on to the tiny 8 bit processor used in many printers, allowing it to control the hardware more efficiently and faster.

Klipper is on Github and I think it installs in the usual manner. Personally, this is on my to do list, but perhaps not near the top. On the other hand, it would seem fairly simple to implement in DietPi.

The Klipper project is at: https://github.com/KevinOConnor/klipper

Perhaps it could be added and save users some steps, but if not… I don’t think it would be the end of the world.



Check out PyCNC



It appears that Klipper can be side loaded (as in self installed rather than a package) but like you said…a package would be cool

Man that klipper software looks pretty darn sweet!