NZBGET - new maintainer - dietpi-software already updated?


as you may know the original developer of NZBGET stopped maintaining the software last year. (last version was v21)

now the community found a new maintainer which took over.

latest version is now v22.

is dietpi-software already pointing to the new repository or still to the old abandoned one?

We use the original download URL still

It seems FQDN changed from to according Installation on Linux | NZBGet

Something that we could adjust on upcoming release.

EDIT: ok download link for the new universal installer is not working yet. :frowning: Something we need to work around or new nzbget project will update their install instruction accordingly. Or even better they would correct download URL :wink:

EDIT2: even more bad, they don’t support CPU architecture (aarch64), wich excludes majority of SBC’s

For the record: aarch64 support was added, and we migrated to nzbgetcom with DietPi v8.25: DietPi-Software | NZBGet: Migrate to new project maintainer by Joulinar · Pull Request #6752 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub


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