Nukkit - Anyone have it working?

Hello guys,

I’m trying to have Nukkit to work in the first place. I just don’t know how to tell if it working or not.

I have installed it properly. I am trying to access it online. I have already port forwarded the UDP 19132 ahead. I am able to connect to minecraft bedrock on a windows PC.

I fugured if it will be running under DietPi it would be more optimized compared to windows. And with the resources DietPi takes gives away more power for the bedrock server in turn.

Usually there should be a nukkit service running. You can check it, or the logs. And if the port is LISTING

systemctl status nukkit
journalctl -u nukkit
ss -tulpn | grep 19132

On the log, you should see a line like

Apr 10 15:00:13 DietPi3 Nukkit[2966]: 15:00:13 [INFO ] Query is running on


Please help,

How can I force uninstall Nukkit?

 - Command: systemctl disable --now nukkit                                   │
│  - Exit code: 5                                                              │
│  - DietPi version: v8.2.2 (MichaIng/master) | HW_MODEL: 21 | HW_ARCH: 10 |   │
│ DISTRO: 6                                                                    │
│  - Image creator: DietPi Core Team                                           │
│  - Pre-image: from scratch                                                   │
│  - Error log:                                                                │
│ Failed to stop nukkit.service: Unit nukkit.service not loaded.               │
│                                                                              │
│     Retry          : Re-run the last command that failed                     │
│     DietPi-Config  : Edit network, APT/NTP mirror settings etc               │
│     Open subshell  : Open a subshell to investigate or solve the issue       │
│     Send report    : Uploads bugreport containing system info to DietPi      │
│                    ●─ Devs only ──────────────────────────────────────●      │
│     Change command : Adjust and rerun the command                            │
│                                                                              │
│                                                                              │
│                     <Ok>                         <Exit>

once hit be the error, you should see some options on the bottom of the error screen. There you should have an option to Change command. If not you might need to scroll down. Select this option and remove the entire command. Replace it with true. Once done, retry.


Thank you! You are the best, a simple command for devs only can make all the difference. It worked,

Similar than with Webmin :thinking:. In Webmin it was indeed a bug in their postinst script in combination with Debian Bullseye’s systemd, I’ll have a look whether it is the same underlying issue with Nukkit.