NTP Date and Time Sync failed


I installed my DietPi again and new after some problems after the last DietPi-Update.

I have already installed Nginx and other software. After I started the install process the time sync process started. I think it started with this command "systemctl start systemd-timesyncd ". 60 seconds after this an error message occurs and told me to restart the process or change anything in the NTP Config. I canceled the process and the installation started for the software.

How can I solve the error message of DietPi? What can I do?

I used the command "systemctl start systemd-timesyncd " manually and there was no error message!

Maybe there was no network connection when it was probing for the ntp server. Or maybe the ntp server that the name resolved to was unreachable.

To check the time sync working you could force the service is follow

/boot/dietpi/func/run_ntpd 1

And to check logs, you can do

journalctl -u systemd-timesyncd.service