Notification on updates

is there a chance to get an email notification whenever the DietPi-Software gets an update?



We could send a board wide email with each update of DietPi once released. Would that be good?

Actually, I think this would not be sufficient.
To get informed about updates being available I currently have to login to my Pi.
With your solution I would need to login into my Pi but look at the board.

Both actions are like pull actions. So I’d really love to get informed via email.

You’d get an email, sent via this board. I’ve sent you an example :slight_smile:

Looks great. I obviously did not get you correctly.
Let’s give it a try to announce updates here.


Excellent, i’ll make a note to do this starting from v147 release :slight_smile:

Bad news i’am afraid, the Google smtp server will not allow us to mass email (too many recipients):

E-mail error

Ran into problems sending e-mail at Line 1054. Response: 452 4.5.3 l90sm2957147wmi.25 - gsmtp

Maybe get one of these Russian guys that spam the forum to do this job?


Lol, yep. Imagine that, a spammer thats useful to the world. We can but dream :slight_smile: