Not waiting for network on boot?

I regularly turn off my modem, router, and C2 running dietpi, and I have an annoying minor problem that when I turn them back on at the same time the C2 is not connected to the network. If I let the modem and router boot up for about 30 seconds first, then plug in the C2, everything works perfectly. Presumably the C2 is booting up faster than the router and not finding a network.

I found the Network Options: NAS/Misc option to have it wait for a network connection, and I set that to Infinite wait… but the problem remains. Is this function not working, or what else could it be?


Possibly an issue with router not providing DHCP as expected, or incompatible command we use to check for valid route:

route | awk '{print $4}' | grep -ci -m1 'UG'

Have you tried setting static IP on the Odroid? Might be a valid workaround until core issue can be identified.

That worked, thanks!