not booting up

Hi, not too sure what happened but my dietpi isn’t booting up anymore, i just get a blank screen.
I was able to boot to resbian and mount the dietpi partitions, but other then fsck that didn’t help i am not sure what to do…
i am running pi4, with 8GB of RAM.


pls can you connect a screen to your RPi and check what happen during boot.

looks like boot partition is corrupted and/or missing data.

can you have a look pls if my assumption is correct.

if i boot with raspbian , i can see 2 partitions ,sdb1 and sdb2…files seems ok, and i run fsck to repair some corruptions

by the way, i am booting from an m2 ssd.

Did you do a kernel/APT upgrade recently?
It fails before even invoking the root partition, so something in in the boot/FAT partition seems to be missing or broken. Can you paste the whole content of it, via ls -al /mnt/sdb1 respectively the actual mount point.

i didn’t do any updates…i will attach a photo of the files.


can i do a repair install ?


Maybe MichaIng has some more ideas

Can you show the content of this FSCK000 file? In case the first few lines would be enough.

From what I see all required file are present with valid metadata. Do you load any dtoverlay, i.e. is there a related line in config.txt and is the related dtbo file present in /boot/overlay/? Although a missing overlay should not prevent boot.

Here are the files that match your kernel version btw:
At least as long as you didn’t use rpi-update manually. So we can try to manually replace all files from there, at best from an external host.

Also as a failsafe step, you could do a filesystem check on a Windows machine, which AFAIK deals with FAT partitions better than the dosfsutils for Linux.

thanks, let me try replace the files.