NordVPN server list not populating fully

Running 6.33.3 on an RPi4.

Nordvpn is presently recommending us servers in the 6000-8000 range, eg Yet the highest listed us server for me is On a pi3 I have running, the highest listed us server is

Running the “Refresh” command doesn’t appear to fix this. I guess I can manually edit my config, but is there a nicer workaround?


many thanks for your message. Server list is downloaded during initial installation. Basically you would have 2 option

  1. perform a reinstall of NordVPN, this should download a fresh server list
dietpi-software reinstall 171
  1. or download the list list manual
cd /tmp/
curl -sSfL -o
unzip -o -d/etc/openvpn

I hope there is no limit for the length of the list in the whiptail menu :thinking:, the current server list archive at least contains US 8000+ servers.
Probably we should add an option to update the server list. “Refresh” is more meant to refresh the server/connection status shown at the top of the menu.

That would definitely be helpful. Nord has been adding and renaming many of their servers lately

That was a fast fix, thanks!

yep that’s basically exactly the same as a re-installation would do, just manually :slight_smile:

I will go to update NordVPN script to include a server refresh functionality