NordVPN Bug


I keep getting this page when opening NordVPN, instead of the usual interface:

Pi 4 Model B (armv7l) | IP: | Use up/down buttons to scroll text┐
│ WAN IP : {
│ “ip”: “xxx”,
│ “ip_decimal”: xxx,
│ “country”: “xxx”,
│ “country_iso”: “xxx”,
│ “country_eu”: xxx,
│ “region_name”: “xxx”,
│ “region_code”: “xxx”,
│ “metro_code”: xxx,
│ “zip_code”: “xxxx”,
│ “city”: “xxx”,
│ “latitude”:xxx,
│ “longitude”: xxx,
│ “time_zone”: “xxx”,
│ “asn”: “xxx”,

│ ●─ Global Options ──────────────────────────────────────────── ↑
│ Username : [] ▮

I cannot enter a password or select any other menu functions.

I have tried to reinstall dietpi OS but still getting the same page. This happened when I changed my nordVPN password on my account.

Any ideas?



many thanks for your message. I guess it’s related to this issues.

The api DietPi use to detect the WAN IP changed. A fix will be provided with upcoming v6.34