[Noob] Odroid C2 and strech questions


I have an issue with mono on my Odroid C2. I posted about it on Github. @fourdee answered me that on stretch everything is working fine. Of course, I’m gonna use stretch. But I’ve got some noob questions before, and I think this board is more appropriate than GitHub.

  • I did the transition from jessie to stretch on a raspberry pi 3, and I had to start from scratch. I suppose I’ll have to do the same here. Can you confirm?
  • I thought that the reason why you changed from v15X to v6.X versioning was jessie to stretch transition. It’s not the case?
  • Why the default image for OC2 is still jessie (by default, I mean on this page)? Stability issues or something else?

Thanks :smiley: !

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Hi SanPe,

about Stretch and v6.X: v6.0 was not intended as transition from Jessie to Stretch. We already supported Stretch versions before v6.0 and Jessie is still supported now. But as we decided to require a fresh image instead of offering an update, we took the chance to move all images to Stretch as well, besides the ones for Odroids. This has to do with the pre-image we use. There is a Stretch version available but it still lacks full GPU support, thus Kodi e.g. does not work (well). Follow this issue here: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1552
For C2 you will find a testing image as well. If you don’t need GPU/Kodi, then it might suite you.

Yes it is recommended to start from scratch instead of upgrading the image via APT sources. There are still so much issues observed with the distro upgrade. But you could do a full image backup and just try.
If went well carefully check kernel and system logs for hidden errors.
Finally run /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-obtain_hw_model to let DietPi know, that you are one Stretch now.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t need Kodi, nor GPU. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: