NoMachine locks up a RockPro64.

SBC: Pine64 RockPro64 4Gb v2.1
OS: DietPi 6.24.1
NX: nomachine_6.7.6_3_arm64.deb

Both the NX versions from the DietPi repository
and from the NoMachine site lock up my RKP64.

NX works fine on an Odroid XU4/DietPi 6.24.1 and
on Ubuntu 18.04.2 x64.

I created a script that tails the last (50) lines
from dmesg output and found the os reportes a bug.
See attachment.


Could you paste all lines from dmesg the are related to this, so all starting from 14000 seconds? Usually the most relevant hint is in the first lines before the error trace.

After upgrading to v6.25.3, the system [ROckPro64 v2.1 4Gb] has not been
locking up any more. I’m now able to run my RKP64 headless.