node-red-start/stop commands are not working.


I am very new to this. I installed Node-Red on DietPi. When using Raspberry Pi OS, I was starting Node-RED with


and then stopping it with


. But in DietPi, I am getting following error:

/usr/bin/node-red-stop: line 1: dietpi-services: command not found

However running


starts the Node-RED.

What is the problem?


Edit: I can see node-red-start and node-red-stop under /usr/bin.


how did you installed NodeRed? DietPi is offering an own installation script for this. Usually this will setup as well a service that can be started and stopped.

Hi Joulinar,

I installed via dietpi-software.

dietpi-services start node-red


dietpi-services stop node-red

works fine.

But, I wanted to simulate the behaviour of node-red-start and node-red-stop, hence I added customized scripts to /usr/bin. The difference is node-red-start starts the node-red log as well, hence I can debug during development.

Based on this discussion, I am now able to simulate the desired behaviour.

on DietPi we start Node-Red via systemd service as we store node-red on a custom file system. Command we use is following as user nodered

/mnt/dietpi_userdata/node-red/node_modules/.bin/node-red -u /mnt/dietpi_userdata/node-red