Node red memory useage

It’s recommended that node red be started with the optional parameter “ node-red-pi --max-old-space-size=256”. I’m wondering where I can find the startup command so I can check please.


I’m not sure if this is needed. According node red website, this is mention on the “Running locally” section only. No statement for this within the “Running as a service” section.

Next to this, the service is executed with node-red command. To have the memory feature used, you would need to execute the node-red-pi command. But as I said, no statement on this within the service section.

Next to that, if you try to install node red on DietPi by yourselves, you will receive the following

root@DietPiVM1:~# bash <(curl -sL

Diet-Pi detected - only going to add the  node-red-start, -stop, -log  commands.
Flow files and other things worth backing up can be found in the /mnt/dietpi_userdata/node-red directory.

Use the  dietpi-software  command to un-install and re-install Node-RED.

You see, node red is recommanding to use dietpi-software as it will take care on everything.

Thank you :grinning: