No voice from usb-dac

I have a SBC , Native pc(x86_64).
connect usb-dac ,but no voice out.
in dietpi-config, I choose usb-dac, it can discriminate model of the DAC .

HELP! Please!

because I’m nenw user,only one JPG.





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Please try to enable the auto-conversion plugin.

That there are no controls in alsamixer might be a hint that drivers are limited, on the other hand the DAC is detected as such with all devices and channels :thinking:. The manufacturer does not provide info about Linux drivers or setup?

where can I get the “auto-conversion plugin”?

I have tested: if unplug “USB-DAC”, voice can output from 3.5 of PC.

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Most of the information could have been copied directly from SSH terminal via copy/past. Usually there is no need to create that much screen prints :wink:

See the option in your 2nd screenshot (dietpi-config) :slightly_smiling_face:.

I try it. but trouble still exist.

Does the following produce any noise?