No video output through RCA

Hello !

I have upgraded from my original Pi to the V2. So naturally, I installed Dietpi as it was my favorite distro on the first pi.
The thing is, I don’t have an HDMI Tv (boo) and I use the RCA connection. I had to buy a “splitter” to separate the video from the audio into 3 distinct cables.

But the TV won’t display anything on screen, after a clean install.
Is there anything in the boot options that I can change ? Maybe the RCA output is disabled by default ?

Thank you !

Hi Franky,

Just make sure your RCA cable is 4 pole.

Unfortunately, i dont have a RCA cable or device to test and provide you with much assistance.

In terms of DietPi, both the RPi v1 and v2 use the same image. All the settings are identical. Whether there is a new setting for the RPi v2 that enables the RCA in config.txt, i’am not sure.

It would be worth checking the offical RPI forums and searching for RCA. You may find a FAQ or guide to resolve the issue.