No Shairport Sync option to install

HI all,

On my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B I’m running DietPi v108 - I used the Jessie image. It’s great!

However, I can’t find the Shairport Sync option in dietpi-Sofware (see screenshot). I’ve searched ‘Troubleshooting’ and read the install instructions but I can’t see how to enable this option to install it. I can see all the other music related options (e.g. Hifi, MiniDLNA, Subsonic, Squeezebox, Ampache). I’d love to use it to send my music to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


It appears you are running the Wheezy installation and not Jessie. Although we still support and patch the Wheezy image, for now, we won’t be adding future dietpi-software installation options (including shairport-sync). This is mainly due to time required for testing on both images. So you will need the use the Jessie image.

You can verify which distro you are running by using the following command:

cat /etc/*release

Here is the direct download link for DietPi-RPi Jessie. Please could you write this image to your SD card and confirm if the options are now available?

That worked, Thanks! :slight_smile: