No restart or shutdown option in kodi

I’ve done a fresh install of Kodi and found I only have the exit option. Used to be able to restart and shutdown etc.

Just wondering if there is a known fix for this?

I’m on dietpi 8.1.2

Does the user who runs kodi have permission to reboot or shutdown the system?

The service runs as user dietpi. I’m unsure how to give the user enough permission to restart or shutdown. Can you advise on the best approach?

It’s a bit complicated, but there is an answer here.
The other option to run kodi as root is not recommended.

Sorry old thread and all but if I did want to go down the run kodi as root thread how would I do such a thing? (not that I would)

Did you tried the autostart option? Usually you should be ask which user to use.

I’m not sure what you mean by the autostart option. Can you explain?


or start it directly as root:

sudo startkodi
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Fantastic - that worked. I wasn’t aware there was a dietpi- command for setting what account a service ran as. Interestingly, I was able to set it to root then back to the default dietpi user and after a system restart the option to shutdown was still available.

I shut the pie down daily via the tv remote so having this option is really important for me.

Very happy - cheers!

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