No owncloud under "Optimized Software"?

I specifically put DietPi on my Raspi3 to set it up as an owncloud server. Now I do not find owncloud in the list of optimized software?
Am I doing sth wrong? I am using v6.25.3.

I’m having the same issue.

Do you specifically need OwnCloud?

NextCloud is there (#114) and is a fork of OwnCloud which for my money an improvement on it too, and works very well.

Let’s assume I do.

Has owncloud been removed from the software pool? Or will it come back?
Does nobody have an answer to this?

I don’t need it however I am used to it and don’t feel up to learning to use something else.

Which version of DietPi are you running, and on what hardware?

I just checked on mine (Pi 2B running v6.25.3) and I have Owncloud as an option under optimised software (item 47).

try latest version, as I downloaded Dietpi 2 days ago and imaged it, booted in and nothing. i can’t install anything. whenever i select a piece of software it takes me back to the main menu and asks if i want to do a minimal image?

Hey guys, ownCloud 10.3 has just been released, which finally supports PHP7.3. Thus we can now integreate Buster support for it, sadly this came 1 day too late to be part of DietPi v6.26. However I will create a PR with an updated dietpi-software script which you can download to install ownCloud on your Buster system.

If you select software within Optimised Software menu (by hitting space to mark something) and then from main menu select “Install”, it asks you to cancel or do minimal install? This should only be the case if really no software title has been selected from wither Optimised or Additional software menu/list. Please verify that you marked some title, so that it gets an [x], then select [Ok] or hit to accept selection.

Just a quick note: ownCloud 10.3 requires both and from php 7.3.

I did a dietpi-upgrade on my new RPi 4 - looking to replace my older 3+ and php -m shows the presence of but not .

I’m also trying to reconfigure my older Mac Mini to support ownCloud 10.3 and this is the problem I encountered there.

A non-Apple version of php “fixed” the issue on the Mac Mini.


Okay, I just created the PR:
After updating to DietPi v6.26, please try:

wget -O /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-software

This should allow you to install ownCloud on RPi1/Zero and Buster-based systems via dietpi-software.

I will keep this branch active until v6.27 release, since it does not contain any other changes yet, hence is safe to use on v6.26.