No Network connection.

Hello all.

I did a quick search, but didn’t find solution. New install of DP on Allo Sparky. Dhcp works and add to Eth2. Apt-Get works from command line, however, the diet-software will not work. Program thinks there is no internet access. After running, shows available, connected and should work.
I believe it has something to do with expecting Eth0 to be assigned, but ifconfig says there is no Eth0.

Hopefully a simple fix, but dead in the water now.

Thanks for any help.


I have the very same issue. Waiting for a fix.

Ok, I searched deeply in the DietPi install wizard scripts and managed a way to get over this error without breaking APT. Do the following with root permissions:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list


deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free

on top of the list. The textfile should be as follows:

deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free
deb jessie main contrib non-free
deb jessie-updates main contrib non-free
deb jessie-backports main contrib non-free


Known issue, please see here for a solution until we can patch for v145:

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