no network causes slow booting / wanted:no boot msgs


I frequently experience the case of slow booting especially when no network is connected.
How can I speed up the boot process despite there is no network there?

Furthermore, I want to run NTP in the background when booting.
“[ INFO ] DietPi-Run_NTPD | NTPD: Waiting for completion of systemd-timesyncd (2/60)” —> where can I change this magic constant “60” to something more favourable like 10 or so ?

And how can I completely blank the screen during booting unless the X window system appears ?


this is as expected because your system is waiting on a valid network connection as well as the time sync to be completed. However you could bypass both checks. Just go to /DietPi/dietpi.txt and set the following 2 lines to 0.

# Delay boot until network is established: 0=disabled | 1=10 second wait max (default) | 2=infinite wait

# Network time sync: 0=disabled | 1=boot only | 2=boot + daily | 3=boot + hourly | 4=Daemon + Drift

Now your system should boot quite fast as it doesn’t care about valid network connection or time sync.