No network after installingon vmware apple M1


installed debian 11 on a Vmware Fusion on Apple M1.
Installed fine.

But trying to install dietpi and selecting the Generic device results in an error indicating that no network is found. Running dietpi-config -network shows no network card found. Was there before dietpi install…

Which hardware should I select on installation? X86-VM would be it under Intel but not under M1 (ARM).

help appreciated

No idea from anyone? Nobody has tried this?


maybe not that much people have a Apple M1 or even running a VM on it? :thinking:

Apple M1 certainly a lot but you might be right about the VM’s as Vmware only runs Linux and Parallels only ARM (not oficially released) Windows…

Installing fresh debian is simple and all works but then dietpi breaks something with the network. Should be an easy fix.

This question has aged a little but maybe this helps others:
I had the same problem with parallels on a MacBook Pro M1. After running the script to convert Debian to DietPi (Generic) no network adapters where found. The problem is, that DietPi is expecting an eth0 network interface, but mine was labeled enp0s5.

To find the name of your card please enter “dmesg | grep -i eth”.
My outpout was “virtio_net virtio1 enp0s5; renamed from eth0”

Now edit “/etc/network/interfaces” and add “rename enp0s5=eth0” before the #Ethernet section.
(replace enp0s5 with the name of your card)
After a reboot everything worked for me.



Should have thought of that at time! Thx.

Left vmware, as on M1 Windows can’t be run etc. Running all my VM’s now on proxmox, including the old Windows ones.
Gained a lot of flexibility.

Had same issue with Parallels. Thanks this solved my problem!

Thank you. Fantastic solution. This fixed the issue.

For Mac silicon users using VMware, the pipe symbol to grep eth is impossible to enter in the DietPi VMware console. I used the below command to get the name of the adapter
“ip address”