no fonctionnal input device / kodi autostart

New to dietpi, I’m having some problems. Before I was using 1 RPI with Volumio and 1 RPI with libreelec. I got an old small factor X86_64 and I want to combine mpd (with MALP android app) and kodi in one PC.
Currently, if I put kodi in “user” autostart, neither the keyboard nor the mouse works. This is a problem I don’t have if I boot into root mode. Also, I can’t get my logitech F710 gamepad to work, although the lsusb command proves that they are listed.
Also, the kodi repository is not configured by default?

OK, I have found some answers in the kodi wiki :

“Debian GNU/Linux ships its own Kodi from Debian flavor with following changes:
Only system libraries are used (no embedded third-party libraries except of libdvdread and libdvdnav)
Old web interface (Chorus) is shipped to ensure Debian Free Software Guides (DFSG) compatibility
as well as a subset of Kodi binary addons packaged in main repository of Debian.”

Is there a way to have a “better” kodi, just like the one package in libreELEC.

Sorry for my english.

well you could compile Kodi yourself if you don’t like the version provided by global repository. From our side we simply install packages available on Debian or Raspbian repository.

To run Kodi at boot, you could use dietpi-autostart and set option to kodi. Easiest might be to use user root to ensure propper access to all peripheral device.