No fail2ban logs


I’m running DietPi on a Odroid XU4.
I’ve installed fail2ban and I should have logs but nothing.
When I look at the log file just after booting up my XU4, the init logs of fail2ban are written in the log file. But after a while, it’s simply empty.

I commented out

/tmpfs /var/log



but it doesn’t change.

Could you help me getting the logs please?



Do you change dietpi-software default “Log System”?

It is: DietPi-Ramlog #1 (default)

Please start reading here: DietPi-Software | Details for ALL installation options

and: Log System Choices

For your purpose of use , Full (Rsyslog & Logrotate - the “standard” of Linux logging systems) can be a good choice.
Please change it via dietpi-software.

But you will loose some advantage, e.g. system performance and SDcard time to failure.


Thank you k-plan!

I created symbolic links to my USB key so I won’t ruin my Emmc :slight_smile: