Nginx Reverse Proxy

I am a new dietpi user. Thanks for such wonder OS.
I installed 32bit dietpi in my rpi 1B and installed nginx, dietpi-dashboard, adguard home … etc. So, I have several services running. Someone told me that I can use nginx to act as reverse proxy so that each service can be accessed with nice url without using ports.
I have the following questions.

  1. Should I switch to docker and install the software under it? This is because tutorial I found are all using docker. But I wonder if running docker on rpi 1B will be too hard for the cpu.
  2. Is there any tutorial without docker that I can follow?

Thanks for any help offered in advance.

Let me try to answer a couple of your questions

  1. Yes, Nginx can be used as revers proxy. Quite a common use case for this web server.
  2. No, there is no need to use Docker. I wonder what tutorial you found stating this would be needed. Yes there is an application called NginxProxyManager based on Docker. But this is a special application offering a web gui to manage proxies. And indeed, for this one Docker is required. But all this can be done without Docker as well, adjusting the required configuration files.
  3. Yes, Docker might be to much on your small SBC as your are limited on CPU and memory. Docker engine alone require already 100MB ram.

Before going into any configuration, you would need to decide, if you like to make your app available from extern/internet or internal only.

I think I need only internal access using http only.
Can you help by giving some hints or website for reference?

basically AGH offer a small how-to on their wiki already

You can simply create a new config file

nano /etc/nginx/sites-dietpi/agh.conf

and add the config

location /aghome/ {
    proxy_redirect / /aghome/;
    proxy_cookie_path / /aghome/;

Restart Nginx and you are done.

For the DietPi Dashboard we have a feature request open to allow this
Looks like it is not yet working.

Thank you, it works!
I did not know there should be cookie things …

It is my retirement plan to learn more on technology. So I am reading to learn more on the Nginx config.
May I ask if similar config works in case I switch to pihole?

PiHole web interface is working differently compare to AGH. Because it’s basically a web server application, directly running on, in your case, Nginx. Means it will be reachable using http://your.ip/admin right after installation. No need for any proxy configuration.

Thank you!