NFS issues - blocky/choppy playback from Kodi and others

Hi, it’s most likely not a dietpi issue, but can’t find an answer for why this is happening and maybe some of you have had this issue before.

The setup was working fine on all devices up until last week. The issue is that any video I try to watch is super blocky and choppy if it even plays, this happens on all devices “all of a sudden”.

NFS is setup on a rpi4 4GB with a USB 3.0 (ext4) external drive connected and the network is working, AndroidTV Kodi can see it and access files, same thing on a W10 laptop and VLC on a couple Android phones. There is only 1 “active” client at any time.

The playback issue is the same on all of them, but there is one exception, on W10 if I access the drive writing down the address instead of through the mapped network drive everything works just fine :thinking: .

Also copying files has no issues from the W10 laptop either mapping the drive or accessing through the network address, the speed is about the same and the files are not corrupted.

Just FYI this is my /etc/exports taken straight from the dietpi wiki

/mnt/dietpi_userdata 192.168.1.*(rw,async,no_root_squash,fsid=0,crossmnt,subtree_check,insecure)

I’m somehow familiar with linux, but never used NFS before. Anyone can give me a tip on what to do or how to approach solving this issue?

Just to add some information, this might be kernel related

dietpi@Pi:~$ uname -r


just for clarification. DietPi did not and will not create any kernel. The kernel is provided by the base image. As you are using a Raspberry Pi, you are running Raspberry OS. Means the kernel is the same as on all other Raspberry Pi, created by the Raspberry Foundation.

Thanks for the answer, once I read those news I figured it wouldn’t be a few commands or config changes.

I’m new to rpis and dietpi, is there a way to downgrade the kernel until a new release is up? Even if it’s just to test if that is in fact the issue.

This is a functionality outside of DietPi as it is a feature of Raspberry Pi tools. However It’s possible by using rpi-update.

Thanks a lot for you help, I can confirm it’s a kernel related issue. According to the post i linked above will be fixed in kernel 5.10.15 so probably won’t take too long.

For anyone else experiencing same issues, this worked for me:

Install rpi-update if you don’t have it installed:

sudo apt install rpi-update

Revert to kernel 5.10.10:

sudo rpi-update 8c2ba64b27a4b6a1dfcd114203c6309f766e2ef4

Reboot to apply the changes:

sudo reboot

ok good that it is working again.

uname -a

Linux Pi 5.10.10-v8+ #1397 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 25 18:46:44 GMT 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

yes have overlooked it. So you are lucky to have it fixed right away using 5.10.10. Otherwise you would have need to go back to 5.4 which was the stable kernel before 5.10

Lucky me! :smiley: :smiley: thanks again for your directions, very helpful.

btw: be carful on software installations using dietpi-software until a fix was provided. Because dietpi-software will update all apt packages in front of a software installation. Usually this include the kernel as well. Not sure if rpi-update will block this for the time being :wink:

I’m having the same issues. I had a perfectly working OS on my microsd card, then a powercut happened (first one in 160 days) and I lost it. Stupid me for not keeping my backups safe.

All tutorials online suggest installing rcpbind and nfs-utils, and apparently neither of those now exist in the repo. I’m at my wits end. The videos play and stream across the network but they’re so blocky and unwatchable. It used to be perfect.

Okay this solution worked perfectly I’ve got my NFS server back!

Written it down for future use. I’m so glad this wasn’t one of those threads where it said, solved it guys. Last seen 8 years ago.

Yes it’s a Raspberry OS kernel issue, that hopefully will be fixed soon by Raspberry Foundation

Wow! Thanks guys!

My kodi playback just ground to a halt suddenly after installing Plex on my RP4b NAS running DietPi.
Had no idea that DietPi’s method of installation updates everything!!!

I managed to fix issue by reverting to SMB shares, so Kodi playback works.

Thanks for the info regarding how to downgrade, saving this for future use👍

Yes, actually this the behaviour of DietPi to perform an apt update && apt upgrade infront of a software installation. This will change within upcoming version 6.35