NextCloudPi Admin-User

Maybe, somebody can help me. I’ve installed NextCloudPi on my Raspi. I wonder why during installation the user “admin” will be used, and I can not define another Id for Admin.
Defining a new user in the admin group and then (naturally after login with this new user) delete the user admin doesn’t work. I don’t know why.


Do you really mean NextCloudPi:
Or do you mean Nextcloud via DietPi-Software?

If you really mean NextCloudPi:
Note that NextCloudPi (NextCloudPlus nowadays :wink: ) on DietPi breaks certain other DietPi-Software install options. It has an intrusive installer that configures the system as one-purpose device, at least according to webserver applications. But if you are fine with this, so you don’t need to install other webserver-based software, you are good to go.

We already started a discussion about this and ended up that NextCloudPlus and DietPi currently have too different aims/approaches:

  • DietPi wants to allow multiple software and services to be installed and running nicely beside each other.
  • NextCloudPlus wants to provide a simple Nextcloud-only install and the whole system to be adapted and configured/optimised to run Nextcloud.

According to the admin user:

If you actually meant our Nextcloud install:
You can change the admin user name before installing by editing /DietPi/dietpi.txt and changing SOFTWARE_OWNCLOUD_NEXTCLOUD_USERNAME (near the file end) as desired.

Hmm, this should actually work as well. Do you get any error message or something?

thank you very much. I have changed the dietpi.txt file and then installed from the beginning. Now it’s all okay.
Also thank you for the other tipps.

MichaIng You say that is better to install nextcloudplus if you think you are going to dedicate a machine just for nextcloud as it “messes” some configurations files. What about if you install the docker container provided by them? Should not be totally “safe”?

Do you know how much in dropping performance could result in a raspberry pi+ to install the dietpi with nextcloudplus docker container vs nextcloud via dietpi software optimized?

Indeed of course the docker container would work. However it still makes the system a single web application device, since most likely you forward port 80+443 to the webserver running inside the docker container, so you cannot use the default ports for a webserver outside the container anymore. Besides that what I don’t like about containerization is that you run all the environment doubled (or multiple times, based on the containers), raising disk and RAM usage. The pure CPU impact of docker seems to be not too high, so as long as RAM is sufficient that should be okay.

About optimisation, not 100% sure about the details of NextcloudPi (the dev seemed to have reverted to the common NextcloudPi naming again :smiley:), but the initial install performance-wise should match very much:

  • MariaDB database
  • Redis for transactional file locking
  • ACPu cache
  • Usual recommended default settings

Differences are:

  • NCP ships Apache with PHP-FPM
  • DietPi allows to choose between Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd as webserver.
  • When Apache is chosen, DietPi uses the integrated mod_php instead of PHP-FPM. For low usage instances (single user, family or small offices), this should be slightly more lightweight in terms of RAM usage and a marginal bid faster. PHP-FPM as dedicated PHP server on the other hand is better at handling many concurrent connections. But if this is the case, from our opinion, you should use Nginx anyway which uses/supports PHP-FPM more natively and handles also static (non-PHP) concurrent accesses way more efficiently. So DietPi IMO has the better overall flexibility here.
  • Advantage of NCP when Nextcloud is used only, is the very beautiful any user friendly configuration menu and that HTTPS is enabled by default, what you want/should use in general. On DietPi you need to install CertBot and use dietpi-letsencrypt manually to enable HTTPS for the installed webserver. And some Nextcloud specific options/configurations cannot be adjusted GUI-wise with DietPi.
  • AND: NCP is officially “part” of Nextcloud and allows good support via the Nextcloud forum. Although since my first Linux experience and where I come from is ownCloud/Nextcloud as well, and this is the main software I use on my home server, I have a special eye on our Nextcloud integration as well and support+enhance+update it regularly.

I think indeed it is best to simply try it out. Run NCP in the container and check out the settings which one you need/use and how you like it. And to compare install Nextcloud via dietpi-software and see if that is sufficient for you.